In England They Eat Cat Food

“What do you eat in England?” Hugo’s dad asked me in English.

“Food,” I said, trying to be funny.

He translated for Hugo’s mother and sister. Horrified, I realised I might have implied that what we were eating now was not what I thought of as proper food.

I was there on a foreign language exchange trip. They had asked whether I would like beer, wine or water to drink, and not being sure how to reply I had said wine. Had I tried to stand up I would have fallen over. Was I red because of the wine or embarrassment?

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One thought on “In England They Eat Cat Food

  1. I love how open you were to new experiences then. Great fun to get to share your memories. One Thanksgiving my daughter was trying to translate between her Mexican restaurant co-workers and me. She ended up telling them “my mother is a turkey,” not “my mother made the turkey.” They broke out laughing as she realized her mistake.


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