I got out an old computer to photoshop the discoloured colour slides I mentioned recently. I haven’t made much progress. I was distracted by a set of railway signalling simulations also on that machine. Believe it or not, they’re great, they really are, not because of what you do or see but because of what you imagine. You pretend you are controlling all the trains through York, the noise and the power and the enormity of the things, and imagine being on board, remembering journeys once made. (read full post on Blogger)


3 thoughts on “Signalling

  1. I love how far off the track you got when trying to spruce up old slides. You did make me remember taking a train from the little town near my grandparents’ farm which was literally a flag stop. The station master waved a flag to have it stop to pick me up. I had thought that only happened in books.

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    • I’m a big fan of displacement activities.
      There are still a few small unattended stations in the UK where you have to put out your arm to signal to the driver to stop. Also, the North York Moors heritage steam railway has a halt where you have to do that, and you have to tell the guard if you want to get off there, who presumably signals to the driver in some way (I hope they don’t use mobile phones!)

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