Review – Penelope Lively: Treasures of Time

Lively-TreasuresOfTimeTreasures of Time is about the truth of our perceptions and memories. Do we live the lives we think we live? Are things as they seem? Penelope Lively deftly handles multiple points of view and multiple time frames to show how different people can experience and remember the same places and events differently – edifying stuff for a memoir writer.

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Fish Finger Sandwiches (with Piccalilli)

Fish Finger Sandwiches With Piccalilli

Another blogger recently said he thought only small children ate fish fingers. Well, wrong! Those of us who remain eternally young at heart still do, a favourite from my teenage years, staple Friday night fare ready on returning home for the weekend from my digs in Leeds after leaving school.

Here, a first for this blog, is a recipe: Fish Finger Sandwiches (with Piccalilli)…  (read full-length post on Blogger).

New Month Old Post: Blessed By Snowdrops


(first posted March, 2018)

When my dad could no longer manage his three-bedroomed house, he moved, as many do, to a modest bungalow. At the back was a postage stamp of a lawn bounded by an ancient high wall that sheltered masses of snowdrops. For thirteen Februaries, he delighted in the sweeping drifts of brilliant white flowers that danced defiantly in the winter winds as they lived into yet another year.

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