VAX and VAXen


A visit to Jim Austin’s computer collection at Fimber, East Riding of Yorkshire (read more …)


A Birthday Surprise

CardCrop We bought a birthday card for a cousin’s two year old granddaughter. Inside was promo suggesting we turn her birthday into a day to remember by buying a “perfectly-tailored gift experiences.”

Which of the experiences, we wondered, would be the most perfectly-tailored for a two year old? (read on …)

M Dunham Are Crap

Football8mmCineMockupNever use a swear word when you don’t know what it means.

“That’s wrong” said Geoffrey Bullard with his thick ape-neck and stare too menacing to return. He ran his fat finger across the words and stabbed the one that offended him: “It should be M Dunham is crap”. He thought everyone else was stupid.

It was too risky to explain it said exactly what I meant (read on …)

Blessed By Snowdrops

snowdropsWhen my dad could no longer manage in his three-bedroomed house, he moved, as many do, to a modest bungalow. Behind was a postage stamp of a lawn bounded by an ancient high wall which sheltered masses of snowdrops. For thirteen Februaries, he delighted in the sweeping drifts of brilliant white flowers that danced in defiance of the winter winds, as they lived into yet another year.

But he was also troubled by them … (read on…)

Back In Time For Tea

1970sVestaAdAdvertising ArchivesThe BBC Back In Time series is having another outing, this time as Back In Time For Tea – that’s tea in the sense of evening meal from the days of breakfast, dinner and tea.

Episode 3, set in the nineteen-sixties, saw the Ellis children having to get their own tea: Fray Bentos Steak and Kidney Pie, Angel Delight and Mr. Kipling fruit cake.

Oh yes, steak and kidney pie in a tin! I remember it well! (read on …)

Agents of Maths Destruction


Who needs brains any more except to ponder how computers and calculators have changed the way we do everyday calculations? Once we needed brains to be able to do long multiplication and long division, drummed into us at primary school from time immemorial. It is so long since I tried I’m not sure I can remember. Let’s try on the back of a proverbial envelope (read more …)